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The validity of e-Visa will be 60 days from the date of arrival in India.Double entry is permitted on e-Tourist Visa and e-Business Visa.
Triple entry will be permitted on e-Medical Visa.
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India ETA Visa on Arrival

As per the new India ETA Visa facility, now travelers from 150 eligible nations looking forward to descend to India must hold a valid ETA visa. It is the newest and easiest way of applying for a visa, where travelers can avail a valid entry permit from the comfort of their own homes. The ETA is processed and issued electronically and is sent to the applicant via email.

IndiaETA is a commercial website and is nowhere affiliated to any Indian Government website or Consulate. We help you to get your visa processed without any issues, and try our level best to get your ETA approved in the promised time period. However, you can directly apply for the visa with the government website if you wish to do so. If you wish to avail the visa through this website, then please be notified that we charge an administration fee for the exclusive visa services which we provide to the visa applicants, apart from the Government fee.

Holder of India Tourist ETA is eligible for a stay of up to 30 days in India. This is a single entry visa and can only be issued twice in a year.

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Eligible nations to apply for India ETA

Andorra Guyana Panama
Anguilla Haiti Peru
Argentina Honduras Paraguay
Click here to view the list of eligible nations »

Who can Apply?

The online visa application form must be submitted a minimum of 4 days and a maximum of 30 days in advance of their intended travel date. The applicant must use his/her ETA visa within 30 days of the approval date, else the visa will expire. Once issued the India ETA is valid for 30 days.

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How the India ETA works?

As the ETA is issued electronically, the applicant need not submit original documents or passport to the government. Your visa will be processed, even if you will submit a copy online. It is a simple process. All it requires is a fully filled application form to be submitted on the India ETA website. After submission, it takes 4-5 days to get approval from the authorities. The visa is valid for a single entry visit to the nation, that too for the time duration of up to 30 days.

For the stay period of more than 30 days, traditional Indian tourist visas are issued. These visas are stamped inside the traveler's passport and requires the applicant to visit the Indian embassy to apply for it.

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India's e-tourist visa programme continues to gain traction, with a sharp rise in applications in October 2016.
According to the latest data from the Indian Ministry of Tourism, a total of 105,268 e-visas
UK joins India’s E-Visa countries
The introduction of E-visa had been great news for the national tourism industry and furthermore the e-visas have now been extended to the British
Indian Tourism boosted with E-visas available in 77 countries across the world
Since November 2014, Indian Government has initiated a new program, making it easy for the tourist across the globe to visit
India Extends E-Tourist Visa Program to 31 more Nations from Today
As per the statement released by the Ministry of Home Affairs, 31 more countries from around the world would be able to enjoy the
India Tourist Visa on Arrival renamed as E-Tourist Visa
The Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India has changed the name of renowned Tourist Visa on Arrival-ETA
Indians top the list of visitors to Bahrain using e-visa facilities during Oct'14-Feb'15; more sops come their way in terms of multi-entry e-visas for extended stay
For frequent Indian travellers to Bahrain, there is real good news! From April 1, 2015, one can have permission for multiple entries....
26 countries seek Indian help in evacuating nationals from disturbed Yemen; 3,300 Indians already back home safely!
It’s time to take some pride in the international scenario for India, thanks to the valiant attempts by the Government of India in evacuating people from the disturbed Yemen.
Bodhgaya visa- a boost for diplomatic negotiations
Soon, visitors from selected countries would be able to get an India ETA at Bihar International airport with easier immigration rules than New Delhi.
"Easy visa on arrival facility for India set to expand up to 150 countries now!"
The Union Budget has something to cheer for everybody, but for the tourism industry, it has showered in unexpected joy!
Tourism in India is Expected to Boost-Up with Visa-on-Arrival Facility
NEW DELHI: With the recent financial budget given by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley where he proposed to extend visa on arrival facility to 150 countries
“Visa on Arrival: International Tourist Footfall goes up by 1215% in January!”
With the introduction of Visa on Arrival (VoA) enabled Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) facilities last November, the number of foreign tourists
“ETA enabled Visa on Arrival pushes India’s foreign tourist count up by a whopping 1215%!”
The introduction of Visa on Arrival (VoA) facility through Electronic Travel Authorization
"The IVFRT Project stresses on extending tourist visa on arrival facilities through ETA": Rajnath
It was in the presence of several dignitaries in the meeting of the Consultative ......
Tourism Promotion Takes Place to Manage Rouble Crisis in Eastern Europe: ETA Chairman
While Russia is the largest contributor of foreign tourists into the country, Egypt ......
ETA Facility UK- A ray of hope for Indian travelers
For the UK travellers wanting to visit India for a tourism trip, there is a bright ray ...
Rise in foreign travelers after government allows Visa on Arrival
India welcomed a huge number of tourists from all over the world in the month of December ...
Slow response to ETA initiative worries Indian Government
Though the facility of VOA and online Visa for India, which was announced by the Government ...
Now Avail E-Visa on arrival for Superyachts to Andamans
As we all know, that the facility of Visa on Arrival (VoA) to India is already available at nine ...
India TVoA to Boost Up Kerala Tourism, to Great Extent
Kerala is all set to experience a new hike in the tourism industry, with 43 nations enabled ...
Nationals of 43 Countries to Get ETA Visa Facility in India
nationals from 43 countries can now apply for the India tourist visa-on-arrival (TVoA) online ...
Easy to Avail India ETA Visa for Emiratis
Emirates nationals will now be able to apply for an India ETA online. The process of visa ...
First Phase of India ETA Visa to Roll-Out Soon
In the first phase, around 30 countries are expected to be cleared for Electronic Travel Authority ...
Thailand is eager to see India extend the Visa on Arrival facility to its citizens
The news of India ETA facility has not only made Indians happy, but people from...
Excitement among US tourists as PM announces long-term Visa to India
While addressing the Indian American community at the Madison Square Garden in New York...
Software for India ETA Visa is almost ready now!
As per the information revealed by the Union Government of India...
India ETA for Canadians from December 2014
As a part of the first phase of visa reforms, the Indian...
India E-Visa scheme soon to be introduced at nine major airports
First budget given by Arun Jaitley, Minister ...
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Disclaimer is nowhere affiliated with Indian government or any other such organization. It only helps you to get your visa processed without any hurdles and tries its level best to get it approved in the aforesaid time. You can directly purchase your visa with the government website if you intend to do so.

All travelers looking forward to travel to India under the Tourist Visa on Arrival Scheme are requested to carry the printout of their approved Electronic Travel Authorization sent through email by the Bureau of Immigration.

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Valid Visa

Traditional India Visa:
Traditional or old style way of obtaining an Indian Visa is the most lengthy and time consuming process. While submitting the visa application form.

India ETA / Visa on Arrival:
Eligible passport holders traveling to India for leisure or tourism purpose can now apply for an Indian visa online, where the visa is granted to the applicant electronically.

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Visa On Arrival ApplicationComplete Partially Filled FormPay Visa FeesVisa Status

Holder of India Tourist ETA is eligible for a stay of up to 30 days in India. This is a single entry visa and can only be issued twice in a year.